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Will individualism survive the Coronavirus?

By Stuart Cartland

26 Mar 2020

The current national and global crisis in which we find ourselves has exposed the myth that a society based upon individualism can work, flourish and be sustainable. We can...

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Nine things I’ve noticed this week

By Julia Unwin

25 Mar 2020

We’ve known that a global pandemic would come for decades, and it’s been modelled and planned for time after time. But when it comes it’s a massive and terrifying...

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We are nothing if we are not together

By Neil McInroy

24 Mar 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has destabilised our present and will profoundly affect our social, economic and political future. Whilst we do not know how events will progress, we can be sure that things will never be the same again. There will be no going back. The...

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What does Covid-19 mean for people restricted by poverty?

By Helen Barnard

23 Mar 2020

As we come to terms with what Coronavirus could mean for us and our families, we urge the Government to keep people who are restricted by low incomes front of...

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This changes everything

By Neal Lawson

20 Mar 2020

Most of us have experienced nothing like this before. It is strange, forbidding and dislocating to a degree probably only experienced by those alive in the early 1940s. Events... Read More

Charging migrants to use the NHS is a public health threat

By Daniel Button

19 Mar 2020

During a pandemic, the last thing we should be doing is putting more barriers in the way of access to healthcare. Rishi Sunak has announced increases to the Immigration... Read More

Over 900 Covid Mutual Aid groups set up across the UK

By Rethinking Poverty

18 Mar 2020

Over 900 local groups have now been established across the UK to provide support to people throughout the covid-19 outbreak. A spokesperson for Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK said: ‘In... Read More