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Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Awards

Posted on 11 Nov 2022   Categories: Blog, News Related Tags:  

by Rethinking Poverty

In March, we announced the Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize, to celebrate the initiative of organisations who have developed local community initiatives as effective means to #ShiftThePower to people whose voices are rarely heard in society.

We now invite you to our awards ceremony, in which we’ll celebrate outstanding leadership, creativity and impact in the Newcastle upon Tyne region. It is taking place on 30th November, 7-9pm, at The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne. You can see more information on the event here.

About Janette Kirton-Darling

Janette was a business woman, campaigner, life-long advocate for people who’s voices are often unheard, beloved mother and wife. Frustrated by the marginalising effect of the political-economic circumstances of the region, she dedicated her life to campaigning for economic, environmental and social justice.

She was someone who took action when she saw things that were wrong and needed changing in the area where she lived.

Janette spent several years as a trustee of CENTRIS, where she made a major contribution to the work of the organisation.

Highlighting outstanding community initiatives, this prize is a fitting way to honour her memory.

You can find further information about the prize and it’s judging criteria here.


Posted on 11 Nov 2022   Categories: Blog, News Related Tags:  

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