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Rethinking Poverty is a hub for discussions on eradicating poverty and creating a good society

Here you will find blogs from us and other poverty writers, and information on key initiatives and events on UK poverty. Our aim is to create the narrative on a good society and to help connect key people and promising approaches.

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On eradicating poverty and creating a good society

The Blackpool We Want For Our Children

By Barry Knight

22 March, 2019

What follows is the text of a speech given by Barry Knight at a one-day conference in Blackpool on 22 March 2019. The objective of the conference was to ‘discuss with local people the Blackpool that they want for...

The great sale of public land – a fire sale for our times

By Peter Hetherington

20 March, 2019

Here Peter Hetherington reviews Brett Christophers’ new book on enclosure in neoliberal Britain. Jason Hickel’s blog, posted yesterday, also focuses on enclosure and the role it has played as the engine of capitalism, enclosing things that were once free so that...

Degrowth: A call for radical abundance

By Jason Hickel

19 March, 2019

What do we need for a good society and a sustainable future? We need to de-enclose social goods and restore the commons, so that people can access the things they need to live well without having to generate piles of income....

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45 Degree Change

The space where bottom-up local initiatives meet top-down institutions to create change

45 Degree Change: where bottom up meets top down

By Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell

21 November, 2018

We want to change the world.  Of course that means ending poverty and stopping climate change. The problem is, though, we really don’t know how to do it.  Two models – the bureaucratic welfare state and the free market...

The state we want

By Caroline Hartnell and Barry Knight

23 January, 2019

Here, we follow up the article by Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell on ‘45 Degree Change’ and examine initiatives identified by Aditya Chakrabortty in a series of articles called ‘The Alternatives’, which ran in the Guardian from January to...

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Talking Points

Highlights from all discussions on poverty and a good society

Talking Points: January 2019

By Rethinking Poverty

5 February, 2019

Why is inequality increasing? Because the rich aren’t paying their way A discussion panel at the recent Davos World Economic Forum became a sensation after a Dutch historian took attendees to task for their failure to address the key...

Compass release new report on 45 Degree Change

Compass has released a report, 45º Change: Transforming Society from Below and Above, authored by Neal Lawson and supported by Rethinking Poverty. It explains the theory of 45 Degree Change, why it is happening, why it is needed and...


Event reports and upcoming events on poverty