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People changing politics

I have a dream. And I’m having that dream right now. Don’t wake me up! Where am I? I’m at a political meeting. I am in a big theatre...

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Cost of living makes summer holidays a struggle for many

As the school summer holidays draw to close, Amy Baker and Hannah Paylor from Carnegie UK look at how the rising cost-of-living has put extra strain on families.  The summer...

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2017 Housing Perspectives #8: ‘We must listen to children if we’re really going to tackle poverty’

The experiences of children in poverty should guide our approach to tackling poverty, argues Rys Farthing in the latest of our exclusive articles compiled as part of the 75th...

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Children’s Voices and Poverty

Barry Knight, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, contributed a chapter to Effective Philanthropy: Another Take published in April 2016 by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace to coincide with...

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Conference Report: A Future Without Poverty

Detailed summary of 'A Future Without Poverty' cross-party conference organised by The Fabian Society and Bright Blue on 2nd March 2015 at the Hallam Conference Centre.

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Event report: Young Voices

  An arresting start to the proceedings was provided by the Seasons Playhouse in Liverpool, ‘Young Voices’. Part of the Poverty Ends Now (PEN) initiative, the actors spoke brief...

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