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Racial Justice in Education Action Team

In the first two applications for the Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize, we saw the power of local people to affect issues that affect them.  In one case, the result...

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Even Better CIC Jarrow

Even Better, based in Jarrow, the second applicant for the Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize, has a powerful way of addressing the problem of mental health.  The approach harnesses the...

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Mums making a difference

Local people complain that they are ignored by politicians until election time.  Then, they are wooed with all sorts of promises to improve their lives.   Such behaviour causes much...

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Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Awards

In March, we announced the Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize, to celebrate the initiative of organisations who have developed local community initiatives as effective means to #ShiftThePower to people whose voices are rarely...

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Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize

The Prize The Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize will be awarded to an organisation that has demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity and impact in developing a local community initiative developing effective...

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