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Rethinking Poverty – What Makes a Good Society?

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REPORT: Civil Society and a Good Society

Civil Society and a Good Society: Conclusions from Collaborative Conversations The Webb Memorial Trust commissioned Edge Hill University’s Institute of Public Policy and Professional Practice to examine civil society’s response...

Tags:  Civil Society  Fairness Commissions  Good Society  

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Rethinking Poverty – What Makes a Good Society? In our society, a wealthy minority flourish, while around one-fifth experience chronic poverty and many people on middle incomes fear for...

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E-BOOK: Housing, poverty and the good society: what can we achieve by 2025?

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, which was heavily influenced by Beatrice and Sidney Webb’s research on social reform. The report offered a post-war strategy for...

Tags:  Good Society  Housing  

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REPORT: Social Housing and the Good Society

Social Housing and the Good Society: Policy Futures Report This is a the final report for the Webb Memorial Trust by the University of Birmingham’s Housing and Communities Research Group exploring change in...

Tags:  Good Society  Housing  

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Winner of the 2017 Webb Memorial Trust essay competition: Amy-Grace Whillans-Wheldrake

  ‘In the light of Brexit, what can low income communities in the UK do to organise themselves to become more resilient and self-sufficient?’ Congratulations to Amy-Grace Whillans-Wheldrake, winner...

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New Statesman 2016 Supplement: If you don’t take action, who will? A Good Society Without Poverty

Whose responsibility is poverty? There is a growing consensus that current narratives around poverty have failed and that a new approach is needed to create a good society – one...

Tags:  Good Society  New Statesman  

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