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Rethinking Poverty – What Makes a Good Society?

Barry Knight and New Statesman Editor, Jason Cowley at the launch of Rethinking Poverty, London School of Economics, 13 September 2017

In our society, a wealthy minority flourish, while around one-fifth experience chronic poverty and many people on middle incomes fear for their futures. Social policy has failed to find answers to these problems and there is now a demand for a new narrative to enable us to escape from the crisis in our society.

In Rethinking Poverty, Webb Memorial Trust Director, Barry Knight, makes the case that we need to start with the society we want, rather than framing poverty as a problem to be solved. It calls for a bold forward-looking social policy that addresses continuing austerity, under-resourced organisations and a lack of social solidarity.

Based on a research programme carried out by the Webb Memorial Trust involving leading organisations, academics, community activists, children, and surveys of more than 12,000 people living in poverty. A key theme of Rethinking Poverty is power, which shows that the way forward is to increase people’s sense of agency in building the society that they want.

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Posted on 14 Sep 2017   Categories: Home Page, Publications Related Tags:  

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