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Webbs on the Web

Diary pageThe manuscript and printed works of Sidney and Beatrice Webb are among the founding collections of the Library at the London School of Economics (LSE). To this day their works are regularly requested by researchers and Beatrice Webb’s extensive diary is a key resource for research into a wide range of subjects, including late 19th and 20th century politics, industrial relations, and the role of women in society and family relationships.

Webbs on the Web, funded by the Webb Memorial Trust, aims to provide online access to the works of Beatrice and Sidney Webb, promoting and encouraging their use beyond the Library’s walls by providing a single access point via the LSE Digital Library. Users can browse or search the diaries and a bibliography of the Webb’s printed works and browse a selection of photographs.

A Huffington Post article about the newly digitalised collection highlights Beatrice Webb’s comments on bankers and the challenges facing the Labour Party… 70 years ago.

View Webbs on the Web – LSE’s online collection of manuscripts and photographs


Beatrice & Sydney Webb at Passfield Corner near Southampton