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Is degrowth – making less, but better – the future that the fashion world has been waiting for?

Fascinating article from the Vogue Business news site on the growing relevance of degrowth – producing and consuming less and less to mitigate climate meltdown – and fashion. It...

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Talking Points: February 2021  

February’s Talking Points is inevitably focused on the climate crisis and the crisis of poverty and equality. Following the Chancellor’s budget announcement, what can we hope for? In both...

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Conscious consumerism: can we shop our way out of the crisis?

‘Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist,’ remarked the economist Kenneth Boulding. Yet growth dominates...

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Degrowth: why we need a new political economy

Degrowth, or he end of growth is not the end of the world, says Parrique. ‘It can be the beginning of many worlds.’ … Basically, degrowth means a decline of...

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A post-growth economy: thinking the unthinkable

Monday 11 May saw the launch of a new report from Positive Money called The Tragedy of Growth. That same day a webinar brought an audience of almost 900...

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Degrowth: A call for radical abundance

What do we need for a good society and a sustainable future? We need to de-enclose social goods and restore the commons, so that people can access the things they need...

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