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The Personal Meets the Political: Being the Good Society

May 12 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join Compass on Thursday 12th May as we examine the interface between the personal and the political.

To create the good society, we need to be the good society.

As we stand on the precipice of emerging from the Covid, climate and ‘mental health’ crises changed, three stories are presented to us: the story of business as usual, the story of the great unravelling and the story of the great turning.

Each of these is as much an inner story as an outer one, and all three may just prove decisive in determining how close we come to Building Back Better.

Joining us to discuss how are the authors of the Compass papers Facing the Shadow Within Ourselves to Build Back BetterGarden Mind and The Great Slowdown – two psychotherapists and two veterans of the world of politics:

  • Barry Knight, social scientist and statistician and Co-Chair of the Compass Board
  • Sue Goss, author, gardener, former Labour councillor and Co-Chair of the Compass Council
  • Joanna Monaghan, Core Process Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of the British mental health initiative Safely Held Spaces, with a background in international human rights
  • James Scurry, Core Process Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Safely Held Spaces, Senior Producer at Sky News and Senior Fellow at the John Schofield Trust.

At this event, we’ll explore:

  • What stops us from setting out on personal and societal journeys of growth.
  • The types of spaces and practices that we need to help us relate to one another more skillfully as we undertake this journey.
  • The often unrecognised feelings of inner powerlessness and the outer systems which exert power over us – and how we can raise awareness of the effect power has over us all.

Register now to join us at 6pm on Thursday 12th May.