January Declaration: Themes for Work Groups | Rethinking Poverty

January Declaration: Themes for Work Groups

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  1. Many people think that because the debate on the reduction of poverty and inequality focuses on national policy they as individuals can`t do much about the problems here. But what can individuals in the North East do themselves?
  2. Public attitudes to poverty/benefits/claimants can be significantly influenced by the language used by commentators. What are the words and phrases that would be effective in gathering public support?
  3. All seems lost without economic growth. Are there other economic models which will work better in the North East, particularly in combating youth unemployment?’
  4. A major increase in small businesses in the North East would be hugely beneficial. But how can we encourage retired people with experience and expertise to set them up?
  5. The North East economy would be enhanced if all organisations based there agreed to procure a higher percentage of goods from within the region. How can we make this happen?
  6. There are numerous acres of arable land in the North East which are unused, many people willing to volunteer to plant and manage those lands and many consumers who would prefer locally grown food. How can we make this work?
  7. Although the North East is the least unequal of England`s regions the pay and benefits gap between senior executives and lower grade workers within organisations in both the public and private sectors has significantly increased in the last decade. How can we reduce these inequalities in the next decade?

Posted on 27 Mar 2014   Categories: Uncategorized Related Tags:  

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