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Employee ownership: Owning the workplace, securing the future

By Sean Benstead

19 Jul 2022

At the heart of the debate on community wealth building is a fundamental question about employee ownership and who or what holds the keys to wealth in our society....

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A shorter working week: A Future Fit for Wales?

By Rethinking Poverty

25 Feb 2022

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and think-tank Autonomy this month published their new report, A Future Fit For Wales: The roadmap to a shorter working week.  It characterises...

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Powering the just transition in Yorkshire & the Humber

By Rebekah Diski, Alex Chapman & Chaitanya Kumar

06 Oct 2021

The UK faces an uneven decarbonisation challenge, with some regions and industries under particular pressure to reduce emissions. Many of the places and communities most acutely affected are also...

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The four-day week is unavoidable, it is the way we have to go

By Emmanuelle Katshila

31 Aug 2021

‘The four-day working week is a far more civilised way to go. It is part of our future, it is unavoidable, it is the way we have to go.’...

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Talking Points looks at the future of work

By Rethinking Poverty

06 May 2021

As the UK takes further steps towards ending the restrictions of lockdown, April’s Talking Points looks at what the pandemic has meant for the future of work and what... Read More

The time we’re owed

By Aidan Harper

29 Jan 2020

Are we ​‘owed’ more leisure time? We live in an economy which systematically extracts from us the time we have: in exchange for wages we give employers labour, effort, and... Read More

Work less to help the climate? How a shorter work week can cut emissions

By Anupam Nanda

22 Nov 2019

The idea of a four-day working week is gaining traction. Recently, several high-profile companies have trialled reduced hours. And in the UK, the Labour Party has pledged a 32-hour four day work... Read More

Report advocates shorter working hours for improved well-being

19 Sep 2019

A new report, How to achieve shorter working hours, commissioned by the Labour Party and written by Lord Skidelsky, was published last week. It argues that ‘a reduction in... Read More