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About #thehullwewant

4 March, 2019

Tear up the script, start with a blank page and change the narrative! These statements are drawn from a group of community development activists, practitioners and academics from across the UK and Ireland who attended the 2015 event Community...

Looking Back Better: the Future Forum on climate change

By Alex Talbott

18 Jun 2020

While human suffering is not a win for climate justice, could new timescales for international cooperation foster the mechanism for urgent environmental action? Our body has a virus, a...

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Looking Back Better: the future forum on technology

By Alex Talbott

11 Jun 2020

With our worlds increasingly online, young people’s contribution to the design of our digital future is essential.  Unsurprisingly, the impact of technology (both positive and negative) wove its way...

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Looking Back Better: The future forum on education

By Alex Talbott

04 Jun 2020

Students challenge a restrictive curriculum: why education should be more than academic. The subject of education is perhaps the area where we are naturally most willing to accept the...

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The #hullwewant goes to Russia

By Barry Knight, Maria Chertok, Natasha Kaminarskaya

10 Dec 2019

What does Hull, a city on the eastern seaboard of England, have in common with provincial cities in Russia?  Answer: not only have they been left behind by economic...

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Real Estate Radio show meets #thehullwewant

By Gill Hughes and Sarah Hatfield

15 Nov 2018

We are Gill Hughes of the University of Hull’s Youth Work and Community Development team and Sarah Hatfield from Timebank. Together, we convene the #thehullwewant project. The project is... Read More

#ShiftThePower: how are we doing two years on?

By Jenny Hodgson

10 Oct 2018

Regular readers of the Rethinking Poverty blog and our Twitter followers may have noticed frequent mentions of #ShiftThePower and #TheHullWeWant – and may well have wondered what these have... Read More