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Social Security

A female face

By Mary-Ann Stephenson

14 Mar 2019

Our social security system is not working. A succession of cuts and changes over the last eight years have left a fifth of the population (more than 14 million people)...

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Money and its uses

By Donald Burling

27 Feb 2019

Rethinking Poverty encourages its readers to contribute their thoughts so that we can all engage in developing the society we want. Here we publish an article by Donald Burling...

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Universal Credit: the welfare reform pushing people into hardship

By Rachel Gregory

14 Feb 2019

Universal Credit is hailed as the biggest welfare reform since the welfare state was introduced. While support exists for the principles behind its introduction – simplifying the legacy benefits...

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Universal basic services – is this the answer to poverty?

29 May 2018

by Caroline Hartnell ‘Focusing on basic services, such as housing, food, communications and transport, is, we conclude, far more effective at driving down the cost of living than spending...

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Universal Basic Income – not the answer to poverty

11 May 2018

Universal basic income (UBI), or citizens’ basic income, is one of the ideas put forward in Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? as a ‘promising area for... Read More