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The impact of Basic Income Month

By Rethinking Poverty

03 May 2022

Compass and the Basic Income Conversation have published their report Basic Income Month: The impact of London Solidarity Funds and the case for local basic income schemes. The Basic...

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Delivering universal basic services in Scotland

By Rethinking Poverty

16 Mar 2022

IPPR Scotland last week published their report Universal basic services: Building financial security in Scotland. Over a series of publications, IPPR Scotland has argued that in order to tackle...

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Reports on wellbeing in Northern Ireland

By Rethinking Poverty

15 Mar 2022

Carnegie UK and the CO3 have published their report Rethinking Northern Ireland: Reports from a seminar series on wellbeing in Northern Ireland, based on seven workshops that took place...

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Realising a community-powered transition to net zero

By Rethinking Poverty

11 Mar 2022

IPPR North and partners Scottish Power this week launched their new report on Net zero places and developing a community-led response to the climate crisis. The report argues that...

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Democratising Innovation Policy: a report from Nesta & Citizens UK

By Rethinking Poverty

01 Mar 2022

In December, Nesta and Citizens UK published their new report, Democratising Innovation Policy: How community organising can help build a more inclusive economy.  It states that innovation policy has... Read More

A shorter working week: A Future Fit for Wales?

By Rethinking Poverty

25 Feb 2022

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and think-tank Autonomy this month published their new report, A Future Fit For Wales: The roadmap to a shorter working week.  It characterises... Read More

Democratic wellbeing: a new report from Carnegie UK

By Rethinking Poverty

21 Feb 2022

Carnegie UK published their report GDWe: A spotlight on democratic wellbeing last month. Gross Domestic Wellbeing (GDWe) is an alternative measure of social progress to the dominant measure GDP, as set... Read More

Gross Domestic Wellbeing: a more relevant measure than GDP?

By Gemma Lawrence

11 Feb 2021

Carnegie UK Trust last December published their report Gross Domestic Wellbeing (GDWe)™ An alternative measure of social progress, which proposes GDWe as ‘a more holistic and relevant’ measure of... Read More

Now is the time to talk about a good society, argues Compass paper

15 May 2020

Compass last week published a paper Towards a Good Society, written by Ruth Lister, Labour peer and the outgoing chair of the Compass board. Cries of ‘we cannot go... Read More

CLES counter the ‘dangerous’ community paradigm

26 Feb 2020

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) have published a new policy provocation, An economy for all: the role of community power, which questions the calls ‘for communities to... Read More

CPAG explore the growing depth of child poverty

24 Feb 2020

The Child Poverty Action Group have published a new report, DRAGGED DEEPER: How families are falling further and further below the poverty line, which examines not only ‘the rate... Read More

Carnegie UK and The Wheel explore enabling Participating People

19 Dec 2019

Carnegie UK and The Wheel have published Participating People, the final report of their series The People’s Conversation, which ‘presents a blueprint of actions to support a more inclusive... Read More

NEF on how to rebuild trust for transition

17 Dec 2019

The New Economics Foundation has published its report Trust in Transition, which argues that the ‘rebuilding of trust in transition to a zero-carbon economy is perhaps the central political... Read More

Our ‘turn around’ towns are re-imagining the future

By Issy Petrie

11 Dec 2019

What will our towns be like in ten years’ time? And how about in 100 years? As we begin a decade that will bring significant change to the UK,... Read More

How we can create better futures, by the people, for the people

29 Nov 2019

Nesta have released a new report, Our Futures: By the people, for the people, which describes itself as ‘a guide to how mass involvement with shaping the future can... Read More

Put people at the heart of the green transition, argue IPPR and WWF

05 Nov 2019

The IPPR and WWF have published a collection of essays, Putting people at the heart of the green transition, which sets out what ‘a Green New Deal (GND) could... Read More

How can public policy support an ‘infrastructure of kindness’ in Scotland?

24 Oct 2019

A new report from Carnegie UK, Public policy and the infrastructure of kindness in Scotland, explores the decision to put kindness at the centre of the Scottish National Performance... Read More

How community businesses can help build an inclusive economy

22 Oct 2019

A new report from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) and Power to Change, Building an inclusive economy through community business, ‘explores how community businesses can support the... Read More

Failure to fully understand structural inequalities holding us back

17 Oct 2019

University College London and the Resolution Foundation have published a new report, Structurally Unsound, which explores the structural inequalities faced by different groups in the UK and seeks to... Read More

Report advocates shorter working hours for improved well-being

19 Sep 2019

A new report, How to achieve shorter working hours, commissioned by the Labour Party and written by Lord Skidelsky, was published last week. It argues that ‘a reduction in... Read More

CLES on a new paradigm for regeneration

10 Sep 2019

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) have published the second provocation in their new series, ‘CLES on… regeneration’, arguing regeneration needs recalibration ‘in order to root the development... Read More

Children’s well-being lowest in eight years, report finds

30 Aug 2019

The Children’s Society annual report, The Good Childhood Report, published this week, has found a significant decrease in children’s overall happiness.  The report, now in its eighth year, is part... Read More

Report sets out how to deliver inclusive growth for Scotland

08 Jul 2019

A new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) sets out how productivity could deliver inclusive growth for Scotland. In 2015, the Scottish government launched a new... Read More

CPAG calls for changes to Universal Credit to reduce child poverty

13 Jun 2019

A new report, Universal credit: what needs to change to reduce child poverty and make it fit for families?, from Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), calls for changes to... Read More

Reporting on poverty: why the tone matters

By Manny Hothi

11 Jun 2019

Is the angry and exasperated tone of Phillip Alston’s report on poverty in the UK counter-productive? Let’s compare this with responses to climate change. For years David Attenborough and... Read More

Land for the Many report seeks to change the way UK land is used

06 Jun 2019

This week saw the publication of a new independent report, Land for the Many: Changing the way our fundamental asset is used. Written by George Monbiot and six others... Read More

IFS and Nuffield Foundation launch landmark review of UK inequality

24 May 2019

The IFS and Nuffield Foundation have launched a landmark review of inequalities in the UK. The review will be chaired by Sir Angus Deaton, who wants to highlight the... Read More

CLES reports on New Municipalism in London

09 May 2019

CLES last month released a new publication, New Municipalism in London, which highlights ‘the actions of three London Boroughs who are seeking to challenge traditional local economic development and... Read More

A Green New Deal is what post-Brexit Britain needs

11 Apr 2019

Following their meeting on Good Green Jobs For All on 1 April, which Rethinking Poverty reported on, the New Economics Foundation last week launched their new pamphlet on why... Read More

Compass sets out how we can achieve Basic Income for all

27 Mar 2019

Compass, with support from Friends Provident Foundation, have published a new report, Basic Income for All: From Desirability to Feasibility. Authored by Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed, it presents... Read More

Compass release new report on 45 Degree Change

21 Mar 2019

Compass has released a report, 45º Change: Transforming Society from Below and Above, authored by Neal Lawson and supported by Rethinking Poverty. It explains the theory of 45 Degree... Read More

RSA Inclusive Growth Commission sets out vision for a new economy

13 Mar 2019

On 6 March, the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission published their new report Inclusive growth in action: Snapshots of a new economy. In the face of a British economy that... Read More

StepChange’s report exposes insecurity of private rented housing sector

14 Nov 2018

In Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty, the second principle of a good society is: ‘so we are secure and free to choose how to live our lives’. The idea of... Read More

New report: planning system is failing the most deprived areas

12 Oct 2018

Good quality housing is a key element of a good society. As Jonathan Lewis from the Nationwide Foundation writes, many people are ‘unable to find anywhere suitable to live... Read More