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Responses to the cost of living crisis? Community energy groups and cooperative farms offer help

By The Alternative Global

06 Jul 2022

The cost-of-living crisis is descending on all of us, and while the solutions obviously have to be, to some degree, macro-oriented and defensive (see this great blog from James...

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Green space access is not equal in the UK

By Ian Mell and Meredith Whitten

26 Apr 2022

A growing gap in green space provision divides the UK according to recent research, with people in northern cities having access to fewer parks than their southern counterparts. Nationwide,...

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We can’t level up without restoring nature

By Alex Chapman

10 Feb 2022

The government’s favourite term, ‘levelling up’, contains little meaning – just enough to be politically useful, but not enough to support any real plan. At NEF, we investigated the role of...

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Planning for people and planet: Quietly revolutionary ideas from practice

By Frazer Osment

20 Jan 2022

Change is coming. It has to. Tackling the twin crises of climate breakdown and nature loss is the biggest challenge we are ever likely to face. It will hit...

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Land justice: this land is our land

By Josina Calliste

30 Dec 2021

This is an article from the fourth issue of the New Economics Zine. You can read the full issue here. Land is ultimately about power. Those who own the land... Read More

Berlin and the community land trust

By The Alternative UK

21 Oct 2021

In this week’s German elections, Berliners voted with a resounding majority (56.4%), supporting a bill to expropriate 226,000 homes from private landlords, and take them into public ownership. It’s... Read More

Our Land: Liverpool Land Commission

By Isaac Stanley

07 Sep 2021

On the 6th July CLES launched the final report of the Liverpool City Region Land Commission: Our Land. Reflecting the findings of England’s first Commission to review the use of... Read More

Land for the Many report seeks to change the way UK land is used

06 Jun 2019

This week saw the publication of a new independent report, Land for the Many: Changing the way our fundamental asset is used. Written by George Monbiot and six others... Read More

The great sale of public land – a fire sale for our times

By Peter Hetherington

20 Mar 2019

Here Peter Hetherington reviews Brett Christophers’ new book on enclosure in neoliberal Britain. Jason Hickel’s blog, posted yesterday, also focuses on enclosure and the role it has played as the engine... Read More

Degrowth: A call for radical abundance

By Jason Hickel

19 Mar 2019

What do we need for a good society and a sustainable future? We need to de-enclose social goods and restore the commons, so that people can access the things they need... Read More

Whose land is it anyway?

By Richard Rawes

18 Feb 2016

Richard Rawes, Chair of the Webb Memorial Trust, reflects on recent events at the Town and Country Planning Association, Institute of Economic Development and New Economics Foundation. The Trust... Read More