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NewStart Feature – how a derelict swimming pool became one of Birmingham’s most treasured community hubs

16 Jan 2019

Another great example of how an area can be transformed when the city council works closely with local residents at every stage of a regeneration project, led by ‘what...

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Principles for a Good Society

24 Oct 2018

Rethinking Poverty advocates a move away from ‘top-down approaches drawing on the views of professional experts’ and actually hearing from the communities we seek to help. Here, Ghiyas Somra...

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#ShiftThePower: how are we doing two years on?

10 Oct 2018

Regular readers of the Rethinking Poverty blog and our Twitter followers may have noticed frequent mentions of #ShiftThePower and #TheHullWeWant – and may well have wondered what these have...

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Government and charities don’t do enough to give people power

14 Sep 2018

Scrapping top-down attempts at building a good society and shifting the power to those people who we seek to help are some of the main ideas put forward by Barry...

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