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Community power

Even Better CIC Jarrow

By Barry Knight

18 Nov 2022

Even Better, based in Jarrow, the second applicant for the Janette Kirton-Darling Memorial Prize, has a powerful way of addressing the problem of mental health.  The approach harnesses the...

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Mums making a difference

By Barry Knight

15 Nov 2022

Local people complain that they are ignored by politicians until election time.  Then, they are wooed with all sorts of promises to improve their lives.   Such behaviour causes much...

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Recognising the value of community organising

By Bonnie Hewson

28 Jun 2022

The past five years of working on the place-based funding programme, Empowering Places, has opened my eyes to the benefits of community organising. One of the themes that has...

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Climate action support for community business

By Power to Change

30 Mar 2022

Power to Change has been a major funder of community-led climate action over recent years, with as much as 25% of our funding supporting community business climate action, including our CORE and Next Generation energy programmes. Our mission...

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How can local people take action on things that matter to them?

By Tiffany Lam

23 Mar 2022

How can local people build control and take action on things that matter to them? Our research shows that there are five main components of collective control: social connectedness;... Read More