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What’s Earth Day got to do with Wellbeing?

By Hannah Ormston, Ben Thurman, Jennifer Wallace

26 May 2021

“In nature nothing exists alone.” Rachel Carson, Silent Spring (1962) Over the last 13 months – and during a time of isolation, separation, and loneliness – many of us...

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‘Sorry we missed you’ reveals the sorry state of our society

By Barry Knight

15 Jan 2020

‘I feel in complete shock. At the end I thought my heart had stopped.’ So read a text sent by a friend of mine as she left the cinema...

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The great sale of public land – a fire sale for our times

By Peter Hetherington

20 Mar 2019

Here Peter Hetherington reviews Brett Christophers’ new book on enclosure in neoliberal Britain. Jason Hickel’s blog, posted yesterday, also focuses on enclosure and the role it has played as the engine...

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A Northern Soul – a story of a striver with a happy ending

By Barry Knight and Caroline Hartnell

28 Nov 2018

Moved, humbled, inspired, sad, angry – these are some of our feelings after watching A Northern Soul, a film by Hull-born documentary-maker Sean McAllister, shown on BBC2 on Sunday 18...

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If knowing the facts reduced poverty, it would be all over by now

By Barry Knight

24 Jul 2018

Barry Knight reviews Poverty: The facts (6th edition) by Alan Marsh, with Karen Barker, Carla Ayrton, Morag Treanor and Moussa Haddad (Child Poverty Action Group, 2017) and The New... Read More

‘How do we solve poverty if all your jobs depend on it?’ Barry Knight goes on a poverty safari

By Barry Knight

16 May 2018

The title of this article is taken from a quotation from Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey – better known as the rapper Loki. Based on his experience of growing... Read More