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The impact of Basic Income Month

Compass and the Basic Income Conversation have published their report Basic Income Month: The impact of London Solidarity Funds and the case for local basic income schemes. The Basic...

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Basic Income in the US: is the Overton window open?

As outlined in March’s Talking Points, no-strings-attached direct cash payments are central to Biden’s stimulus package. While this is not Universal Basic Income (UBI), also known as Basic Income,...

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Cities must cut their ‘consumption emissions’ – here’s how

Almost every city now has some form of climate target. For instance Manchester, in northern England, aims to be zero carbon by 2038. But such targets generally focus on emissions...

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Basic Income: a feasible route to income security? 

Lack of income security is widely recognised as a major problem – and one that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Could a Basic Income help? And is...

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Talking Points looks back on 2020

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory, with two months pre-Covid and the rest of the year forming the first part of the post-Covid era....

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Universal Basic Income & Universal Basic Services: How can we bring them together?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is not a new idea but has recently gained some credence, with interest in possible pilot studies shown by the Scottish national government and one...

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