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‘How do we solve poverty if all your jobs depend on it?’ Barry Knight goes on a poverty safari

The title of this article is taken from a quotation from Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey – better known as the rapper Loki. Based on his experience of growing...

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Talking Points: April 2018

Why is wealth inequality soaring? By 2030 the richest 1 per cent will own two-thirds of global wealth. Dominic Frisby offers 10 reasons why this is happening in the...

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How can we bring child poverty to an end? Caroline Hartnell attended the launch of CPAG’s new book

Why do we value children so little? This question was posed by Ingrid Wolfe, consultant in children’s public health medicine and director of the Evelina London Child Health Partnership,...

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Rethinking Poverty: Towards the Webb Legacy – a summary

Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty:What makes a good society? was published last September, eliciting a wide range of responses, published on the Rethinking Poverty blog. Barry’s new paper, summarised...

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Both/and not either/or: we need to rethink poverty AND rethink politics

‘If the crucial issue is how to ensure adequate resources for all, why are we asked to discuss the ‘Good Life’ at all?’ writes John Veit-Wilson. ‘… what they...

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There have been important successes in our attempts to end poverty

The main point of Barry Knight’s book is that ‘our efforts to end poverty over the past 75 years have failed’. I disagree. There have been some significant successes....

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