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Planning for people and planet: Quietly revolutionary ideas from practice

Change is coming. It has to. Tackling the twin crises of climate breakdown and nature loss is the biggest challenge we are ever likely to face. It will hit...

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A Network Of Hope?

It might not be immediately obvious why anyone would want to have a relationship with a planner let alone an organisation dedicated to promoting the values of a planning...

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Derwenthorpe: can a successful community be planned?

In 1901, Joseph Rowntree began creating what was to become the village of New Earswick, 2½ miles north of York. Today, New Earswick is a thriving mixed community of...

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New report: planning system is failing the most deprived areas

Good quality housing is a key element of a good society. As Jonathan Lewis from the Nationwide Foundation writes, many people are ‘unable to find anywhere suitable to live...

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Creating a new narrative for a good society – lessons from Letchworth

What would a good society look like and how can we achieve it? As described in yesterday’s blog, a small group of people got together in Letchworth Garden City...

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What could planning contribute to a good society?

A small group of people got together in Letchworth Garden City on 26 and 27 July. With UK politics in a worse state than perhaps ever before, the aim...

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