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Looking Back Better: the future forum on technology

With our worlds increasingly online, young people’s contribution to the design of our digital future is essential.  Unsurprisingly, the impact of technology (both positive and negative) wove its way...

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Looking Back Better: The future forum on education

Students challenge a restrictive curriculum: why education should be more than academic. The subject of education is perhaps the area where we are naturally most willing to accept the...

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Looking Back Better: the Future Forum on community

What is ‘community’? What does it look like? How has our perception of the term changed in the course of the coronavirus crisis? Any meaningful engagement with the idea...

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Looking Back Better: young people and the Future We Want Now

The Orwell Youth Prize is a social justice-based writing programme and prize for young people (aged 12-18) from across the UK. This academic year, the Prize has been working...

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Rethinking Poverty and The Orwell Youth Prize 2020 – The Future We Want

‘To take a rational political decision one must have a picture of the future’  (George Orwell, 1944) The Orwell Youth Prize, supported by Rethinking Poverty, has launched its 2020...

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