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Levelling up: policy frameworks for collective wellbeing

Levelling up is never going to be one size fits all. To support the development of areas that currently have poorer economic and social outcomes, we need to recognise...

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‘Levelling up’ the UK is a golden opportunity for climate action – but the government is failing

Economists no longer talk of decarbonisation as a cost; climate action is now widely seen as an investment. Like any investment in new economic sectors, money spent is expected...

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Levelling up White Paper: you can’t level up from Whitehall

The Levelling up White Paper was finally published last week.  But despite 332 pages of what was a rather chaotic document (part text book, part policy, part analysis), when...

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You can’t achieve levelling up without a Green New Deal

This is an article on levelling up and the Green New Deal from the fourth issue of the New Economics Zine. You can read the full issue here. ‘Levelling up’...

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