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Understanding and developing new language around poverty

Abigail Scott Paul, JRF – Understanding and developing a new language around poverty in the UK  Abigail Scott Paul, Head of Engagement at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, delivered the...

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Engaging with the public: What do the public think of us and how can we speak in ways that understand each other?

Deborah Mattinson, Britain Thinks – How to have an effective conversation with the public Deborah Mattinson, Founding Director of Britain Thinks, picked up the theme of public engagement. The...

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Kate Bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?

Kate bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?  Next up Kate Bell drew on her experience as a former policy advisor to the Labour Party and coordinator with CPAG...

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The drivers: What drives public attitude towards welfare?

Emily Fu, TNS BMRB – What drives public attitudes to welfare? Emily Fu, Associate Director at social research agency TNS BMRB, examined the emotional drivers of public attitudes towards...

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The debate: What are current sentiments towards poverty in the UK?

Drawing on research conducted by YouGov, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, Barry Knight, reflected on current sentiments towards poverty in the UK. He defined this as an area...

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