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Talking Points: November 2019 

This month’s Talking Points focuses on the way our economy works: the role of business in society, Wales’s ground-breaking Foundational Economy model, and the primacy of the local, for...

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CLES manifesto sets out how the next government can truly serve people, places and planet

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) has launched ‘The manifesto for local economies’, setting out a vision for ‘how the next government should create local economies that serve...

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Can we afford NOT to pay for the Green New Deal?

On 5 November, 11,000 scientists endorsed a ‘World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency’, published in the journal Bioscience. The ‘warning’ pulls no punches: ‘We declare … clearly and...

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Put people at the heart of the green transition, argue IPPR and WWF

The IPPR and WWF have published a collection of essays, Putting people at the heart of the green transition, which sets out what ‘a Green New Deal (GND) could...

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The Case for the Green New Deal

To protect the systems that sustain life on earth, we need to do more than just reimagine the economy – we have to change everything. From one of the...

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Rewilding a key pillar in our fight against global heating

Green New Deal for Nature, by Simon Lewis, of University College London and University of Leeds, forms part of Common Wealth’s Green New Deal (GND) series. The report advocates...

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