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Super-Policies: New Thinking To #BuildBackBetter

The Carnegie UK Trust works to improve personal, community and societal wellbeing. Many of the issues that we work on, and the partners and groups who we work with,...

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Facing the Shadow Within Ourselves to #BuildBackBetter

To follow up his article, #BuildBackBetter, Barry Knight is researching practical ways to make this happen. In the first of a series of articles, he examines the role of...

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Own the future: a guide for new local economies

Build back better. It’s a powerful phrase, but as post-Covid-19 economic policies begin to emerge, those three words are starting to ring hollow. Based on what we have seen...

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#BuildBackBetter coalition launched

The #BuildBackBetter campaign, a coalition of 350 organisations from business, trade unions and civil society, was launched on 29 June. On its website it is described as ‘a platform...

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Talking Points: June 2020  

As the UK moves further away from lockdown, the question of recovery comes ever more to the fore. This month we start with the new #BuildBackBetter coalition, launched against...

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Reasons for hope: why and how we can #BuildBackBetter

The crisis reveals much and will change more – for good or bad. Everything feels like it is now up for grabs. There is much pain and suffering and...

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